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Apr 13
“I don’t know who General Lamarque is, and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.” Marius Pontmercy, Book XXI (via whatwasoncesilver)

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Apr 7

I can see a lot of learning how to do things I sincerely give a fuck about in my future and it is very, very exciting.

Mar 28


I’ll finish this tomorrow.

It’s twenty minutes past midnight. Now is not the time to start watching a two hours and a half long opera. Turn off the computer, Maria. 

Mar 26

Hmm. I don’t think I can Life any more tonight. I should probably go and read instead, and pick up obsessively trying to piece together my near future tomorrow morning.

Mar 19

Today involved a lot of crying, too much eating, and unexpected, encouraging progress in the field of figuring out future-y things.
So, I’m glad today happened, but fuck am I relieved it’s over.

Mar 16

European Medieval Cats


sixappleseeds reblogged your post imthemorningandtheeveningstar replied … and added:

I mean if there were medieval kittens I wouldn’t complain… (But no really, this blog is the best.)

shhhh looooook











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and many mooooore

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Right, there are books to be read and painful mistakes to be relived in thought over and over and over again, so I’d better go to bed.

Mar 4

The amount of time I spend reading recipes is getting somewhat alarming.

Mar 2

I need to stop sighing after the middle aged and/or male roles’ speeches and choose an audition monologue among the few young women’s speeches which French classical theatre has to offer.
I especially need to stop delusionally rehearsing the three main speeches from Phèdre. It is not helping.

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